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13th October 2011

DORCHESTER: Special photo album donated to school

By Anita Harries

A PHOTO album made by a top London bookbinder has been donated to the Thomas Hardye School, Dorchester.

The book was specially commissed by former London advertising executive John Sherfield who wanted  to create a family history album after marrying his third wife Jackie.

Mr Sherfield contacted a co-worker’s wife, a lady named Sarah, who worked for a top London bookbinders and had even made books for the queen.

The handmade album Sarah produced for John was quite simply amazingly. Unfortunately John’s vision of his family portfolio proved to be incredibly ambitious, a creative project, which required careful planning and even more careful handling. 

The book was large and heavy, Mr Sherfield had a series of strokes, and he was unable to utilise his art direction skills to give life to his dream. So the book was carefully wrapped and put away.

When Mr and Mrs Sherfield moved to Dorchester, the book surfaced once again. It was such a beautiful book Mrs Sherfield

 wanted to pass it on to someone who would appreciate it and make good use of it. And so it was that it came into the hands of the Dorchester Association for Research into Local History and Archaeology. However, such was the size of the book, even they had problems finding a suitable project to show it at its very best. Now this superbly crafted work of art has finally found a resting place. 

Tony Goodings, chairman of the Dorchester Association, and commitee member and stalwart Graham Hoddinott have presented the book to the Thomas Hardye School in Dorchester. 

It had been a difficult task finding somewhere it would be valued but the school are more than a little pleased with their latest acquisition.  

Headmaster Michael Foley was amazed at the size and the weight of the album, but has given assurances it will be put to very good use. 

Although his initial thoughts were to use it to house the school’s many valuable archives, he also felt it would be an asset to the school’s excellent art and photographic departments. 

Tony Goodings said: “It is so good to finally hand this book over to someone who will undoubtedly make the very best of its potential.” 

And there is no doubt the staff and pupils of the Thomas Hardye School will take great care of this wonderful book and do exactly that.

PICTURE: Headmaster of the Thomas Hardye School Michael Foley receives the album from Dorchester Association’s Tony Goodings and Graham Hoddinott

DORCHESTER: Special photo album donated to school


wondering if Michael Foley has the ancestry of a great (or farther great) grandfather Michael Foley & Mary (Kelley) Foley?

Posted by C Gillman on 25th October, 2011

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